Rugby Free time

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  1. Full lenght zip sweatshirt Trumpet

    Full lenght zip sweatshirt Trumpet

    As low as €84.10
  2. Leisure hoodie banjo hero

    Leisure hoodie banjo hero

    As low as €50.70
  3. Rock polo

    Rock polo

    As low as €33.90
  4. Clarinet polo

    Clarinet polo

    As low as €33.90
  5. Jumeirah polo

    Jumeirah polo

    As low as €30.40
  6. Chenda polo

    Chenda polo

    As low as €31.90
  7. Thavil polo

    Thavil polo

    As low as €31.90
  8. Women Fit Women's cotton t-shirt Lute

    Women's cotton t-shirt Lute

    As low as €35.10
  9. Women's cotton polo shirt hambo

    Women's cotton polo shirt hambo

    As low as €37.20
  10. Draco hero polo

    Draco hero polo

    As low as €26.10
  11. Cello sweatshirt

    Cello sweatshirt

    As low as €63.30
  12. Nemesis full zip sweatshirt

    Nemesis full zip sweatshirt

    As low as €43.20

62 Items for you


Rugby Free time

Macron’s Rugby Free Time collection offers comfortable clothing for when sweating on the pitch is not part of the day’s plan. Rugby leisurewear is what you need if you want to be cozy in-between training and practice games. A rugby polo or shirt paired with rugby shorts will keep you cool and feeling light, while a rugby hoodie will keep you warm in case the weather gets colder than expected.

Want matching Free Time wear for your team? You can customize any rugby kit in three easy steps: choose a model, selet the graphics and colors, add a logo.