Athleisure clothing for Men & Women

21 Items for you

  1. Orosei women's full-zip sweatshirt

    Orosei women's full-zip sweatshirt

    As low as €109.00
  2. Monviso men's sweatshirt

    Monviso men's sweatshirt

    As low as €99.00
  3. Kalamitsi men's sports shorts

    Kalamitsi men's sports shorts

    As low as €49.00
  4. Rhodos men's full-zip hoody

    Rhodos men's full-zip hoody

    As low as €90.00
  5. Unisex Samos sports t-shirt

    Samos sports t-shirt

    As low as €35.00
  6. Unisex Chania hoody

    Chania hoody

    As low as €85.00
  7. Favignana women's sports t-shirt

    Favignana women's sports t-shirt

    As low as €35.00
  8. Sithonia men's sports t-shirt

    Sithonia men's sports t-shirt

    As low as €39.00
  9. Lindos men's polo shirt

    Lindos men's polo shirt

    As low as €55.00
  10. Cervia women's hoody

    Cervia women's hoody

    As low as €89.00
  11. Kritis men's sweatshirt

    Kritis men's sweatshirt

    As low as €79.00
  12. Alghero women's shorts

    Alghero women's shorts

    As low as €39.00

21 Items for you


Athleisure clothing for Men & Women

Athleisure is the fashionable crossover between sportswear and streetwear. You no longer have to choose between being comfortable and looking chic. With athleisure clothing, you can keep wearing sweatshirts and trousers without compromising style. The Macron Athleisure collection includes items for both men and women.

You can wear your Athleisure outfits to casual places and events any time of day. Running morning errands and need to stop by multiple places? Put on a pair of soft joggers and a shirt and head your way. Meeting friends in later in the evening and it’s getting chilly? Throw in a nice sports jacket to keep you warm. That’s it. With athleisure wear, you bring comfort and style wherever you go.