Men's Padel Clothing

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  1. Juan men's padel shirt

    Juan men's padel shirt

    As low as €39.00
  2. Emperor men's padel polo

    Emperor men's padel polo

    As low as €55.00
  3. Miguel men's padel shorts

    Miguel men's padel shorts

    As low as €45.00
  4. Pablo men's padel shirt

    Pablo men's padel shirt

    As low as €50.00
  5. Matias men’s padel shorts

    Matias men’s padel shorts

    As low as €49.00
  6. Edgar men's running shirt

    Edgar men's running shirt

    As low as €69.00
  7. Bjorn men's running shirt

    Bjorn men's running shirt

    As low as €69.00
  8. Seamless Clovis men's training t-shirt seamless

    Clovis men's training t-shirt seamless

    As low as €60.00
  9. Didier men's training shirt

    Didier men's training shirt

    As low as €50.00
  10. Kalamitsi men's sports shorts

    Kalamitsi men's sports shorts

    As low as €49.00
  11. Monviso men's sweatshirt

    Monviso men's sweatshirt

    As low as €99.00
  12. Rhodos men's full-zip hoody

    Rhodos men's full-zip hoody

    As low as €90.00

26 Items for you


Men's Padel Clothing

Padel requires agility and demands that athletes are not impeded in any way as they move around the court. Men's padel clothing from Macron ensures that players have the freedom of movement while providing thermal comfort by offering padel outfits that feature superior stretch quality and breathability. But since padel is generally an outdoors sport, the appropriate padel outfit for a particular game could also be dependent on the weather. For example, on a hot summer day, the Pablo men's padel shirt made with Zephiro fabric could be the perfect choice. On a chilly day, the Lukla men's sweatshirt with long long sleeves is a great padel outfit.

Padel clothes from Macron are made using the highest quality materials suitable for padel. Pablo men's padel shirt and other men's padel clothing from the Padel collection made with the super-light Zephiro fabric offer excellent breathability. Zephiro features microfilament weaving that also makes the fabric extremely light and soft to the touch. Sweatshirts made with Circular 3D Knit provide exceptional softness and warmth for cold temperatures, while those made with Scuba Light Jacquard fabric like the Lukla men's sweatshirt are ideal for almost any type of weather.

Finally, the most appropriate set of padel gear for men could include more than just a shirt or sweatshirt and a pair of shorts or pants. The right clothing, paired with the right equipment, can definitely contribute to better game performance. Macron has a range of technical underwear and accessories that every padel player would benefit to have as well as a selection of padel rackets so he could have the best equipment.