Handball Clothing and Equipment

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  1. Themis jersey sticker Themis jersey

    Themis jersey

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    Charon jersey

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    Halley jersey

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74 Items for you


Handball Clothing and Equipment

As handball is an indoor sport that demands agile movements, Macron designed handball clothing that is stretchable and comfortable to wear. That your handball shirt and handball shorts or pants allow for absolute freedom of movement is an essential quality any handball kit should have, so the Handball collection was put together with that in mind. Aside from basic handball uniforms, Macron also produces a full range of clothing for many other indoor sports, including jerseys, jackets, sweatshirts—whatever is needed to complete an entire kit. Ideal for training, the hand-sewn Doom ball is an essential handball equipment featuring great wear resistance and providing excellent grip. If you are thinking about goalkeeper equipment, Macron has got that covered too, so go ahead and look around.

If you are a handball manager or handball coach assembling a handball kit for your team, Macron’s durable handball clothing and equipment can be customized to follow your team’s colors and carry your team’s and sponsors’ logos. Know more about your customization options from Macron Teamwear and customize your teams kit using the My Kit App.