Football Goalkeeper

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  1. Eridanus goalkeeper jersey

    Eridanus goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €50.20
  2. Auriga goalkeeper pants

    Auriga goalkeeper pants

    As low as €49.00
  3. Corvus Eco goalkeeper jersey

    Corvus Eco goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €65.50
  4. Cygnus goalkeeper jersey sticker Cygnus goalkeeper jersey

    Cygnus goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €64.50
  5. Ares goalkeeper jersey

    Ares goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €55.30
  6. Aquarius goalkeeper jersey

    Aquarius goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €52.10
  7. Antilia goalkeeper jersey

    Antilia goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €43.30
  8. Polaris goalkeeper jersey

    Polaris goalkeeper jersey

    As low as €45.10
  9. Mesa hero shorts

    Mesa hero shorts

    As low as €14.90
  10. Altair goalkeeper shorts

    Altair goalkeeper shorts

    As low as €40.60
  11. Scutum goalkeeper pants

    Scutum goalkeeper pants

    As low as €108.10

20 Items for you


Football Goalkeeper

Padded goalkeeper jersey, padded goalkeeper shorts, padded goalkeeper trousers, and goalkeeper gloves—Macron has a range of goalkeeper training clothes and accessories that provide the comfort and protection every goalkeeper needs. Padding on jerseys, shorts, and pants protect the goalkeeper’s elbows, hips, legs, and knees against bruising and bumps. Softlock polyester fabric and mesh inserts keep the goalkeeper cool, dry, and comfortable. Poly Dry fabric used in some goalkeeper jerseys is stretchable and features an emerized internal lining, allowing the wearer a wide range of movements while keeping them warm. Macron goalkeeper training clothes and gloves come in different models and colors.

Macron also has available training tracksuitstechnical underweartravel tracksuits, and free-time clothing—sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants—to complement the goalkeeper jerseys, trousers, shorts, and gloves in this collection. The Football Active Training collection features a range of active wear designed to provide comfort and ease of movement during training.