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Open job positions in Macron

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Passion, creativity, results, fun and lots of commitment: these are the Macron rules, this is the philosophy that unites Macron and sport. In short "Work Hard. Play Harder.". Macron aims to produce for sport sharing passion, joy and commitment, which are aware of the essential clothing and accessories for all those who practice sport, amateur or professional either. The daily challenge of Macron is therefore to engage itself every day in order to meet the sport needs making sweat and hard work. The company supports its products and services with numerous teams across Europe. Today, in fact, more than 10.000 teams wear Macron thanks to the presence on the territory of a network of over 1300 dedicated stores. Macron looks always for new challenges and never stops growing on the Italian territory and especially all around the european continent. For these reasons, it is always looking for resources bright, flexible and motivated people who want to be part of his team. If you're ready, send your resume indicating the area of preference (sales, production, management, marketing, product development) to: [email protected]


Macron is international.

Macron is a European company. The head office is in Bologna, Italy, and there is a production plant in Tianjin, China. Macron counts 250 employees.

Macron focuses on sports.

Macron is responsible for all the activities involving its brand: from the production of fabrics to the sale to the end customer. Macron boasts 650 items in its collection. There are 10,000 teams who wear Macron. Macron is present across the country through a network comprising over 1,300 specialist stores.

Macron pursues excellence.

Macron is looking for bright, highly motivated, dynamic recruits. People who are ready for an international environment, where people “train” every day to measure up to the market demand.

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Passion, creativity, results, fun and plenty of hard work: these are the rules that Macron has in common with sports enthusiasts world-wide. In short, “Work Hard. Play Harder”.



“Working for Macron means being committed to achieving excellence day-in day-out. People who join Macron will find a young, dynamic workplace, where everyone is passionately committed to abiding by the rules and working as a team to try to find the best solution to accommodate the market’s challenges head-on. The company is a rapidly-evolving international concern where it is vital that every resource is committed and responsible for their actions to accommodate the needs of all our customers, from authorised dealers to sports clubs. This is why we value highly and deem resource recruitment to be of vital importance.

The qualities we are looking for are motivation, flexibility and the ability to reach ambitious goals to create a winning team.” Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron.



Macron is continuously committed to caring about its human resources, to create a chain of shared values.
The concrete proof of this commitment is a system of benefits that includes services, initiatives and tools aimed at improving the welfare of its employees and their families.
The new company head office itself was built with a keen eye on its environmental impact, and the workplaces have been designed to ensure the welfare of workers, thanks to functional open-plan offices lit with natural light, large meeting rooms, an in-house canteen, a gym for employee use, and a large equipped outdoor courtyard.