Why do we love sports?

Why do we love sports?

In Macron, we believe sport to be an attitude, a way of being and approaching everyday life, whereby we feel continuously motivated to stay on a path of psychological and physical health and of personal growth.

On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, we recognise and praise once more the sporting values in which Macron is rooted.


The engine of the mind and a key to success. Talent helps, skill facilitates, but only training and hard work truly guarantee a solid basis for success and self-improvement.


It takes strength to overcome defeat and commitment to improve oneself. There is no champion who has never lost and no victory attained without effort. Consistency is always rewarded by small achievements and by great personal successes.


The love and complete dedication to a sport justify the sacrifice behind its practice and allow us to set new goals. Sporting passion has no single definition but rather infinite manifestations, in which it is always possible to grasp a tendency for emotional involvement and constant improvement.


Winning without boasting, losing without resentment. Real winners are the ones who respect not only the rules, but also their teammates, their opponents, and themselves. Respect is the backbone of the game, an essential requirement of every sporting performance and every personal display.


The excitement, the thrill, and the adrenaline of being in that team huddle. A relationship of trust, mutual support and collaboration with every teammate allows athletes to be united and fight for one another, to live and experience all the emotions of the game, as one.


Friendship, loyalty, solidarity and respect are just some of the values that sport teaches children and reaffirms in adults. The practice of sport educates and encourages all ages to continue growing and striving to become the best possible version of themselves.


Sport is everyone's game. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual or religious orientation, build or physical ability - passion, dedication and perseverance shall be the only determinants of one’s ability to play.


From the player to the coach, from the parent to the fan. Sport creates communities, facilitates socialisation, and unites different groups and generations. It allows people to share a common passion, nurturing a feeling of belonging to something greater than just one's own team.


The planet is our playing field, and as such, it must be cared for and maintained. This requires a consistent attitude and a conscious effort to make sport increasingly sustainable, respecting our planet in the same way that we respect the rules of the game.

As a sports brand, we live and breathe every nuance of sport, from its excitements and its joys to its disappointments and its teachings. Our goal is that of creating a community that shares these values, so as to foster a more peaceful and sustainable future for all, through sport.