Rugby clothing and teamwear

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  1. Golem jersey

    Golem jersey

    As low as £28.50
  2. Round socks

    Round socks

    As low as £8.90
  3. Lapis shorts

    Lapis shorts

    As low as £28.90
  4. Chantico 1/4 zip jersey

    Chantico 1/4 zip jersey

    As low as £37.50
  5. Izel 1/4 zip jersey

    Izel 1/4 zip jersey

    As low as £64.50
  6. Cuzco 1/4 zip jersey

    Cuzco 1/4 zip jersey

    As low as £37.50
  7. Valkyria full zip top

    Valkyria full zip top

    As low as £50.50
  8. Vanir full zip top

    Vanir full zip top

    As low as £50.50
  9. Prometheus full zip top

    Prometheus full zip top

    As low as £74.50
  10. Granite contact top

    Granite contact top

    As low as £88.90
  11. Gadreel Eco t-shirt

    Gadreel Eco t-shirt

    As low as £27.50
  12. Aulos polo

    Aulos polo

    As low as £31.50

269 Items for you


Highest quality rugby clothing and teamwear

Discover the vibrant array of rugby clothing, teamwear, and essential rugby accessories exclusively from Macron. From classic rugby tops and shirts to the breezy short sleeve jersey, we've got every style note covered. When the skies look unpredictable, our rain jackets come to the rescue, and for gusty challenges, our windbreakers stand firm. As the chill sets in, explore our snug sweatshirts, hoodies, padded jackets, and bomber jackets, perfectly complemented by versatile pants, neck warmers, and beanies.


Crafting the perfect look for your team? Every piece of rugby clothing, from those staple rugby shorts to iconic rugby polo shirts, awaits your unique touch. With My Macron Kit, customization becomes a cinch in three simple steps: select, design, and brand. For the ultimate rugby aficionados, our special 'Rugby Team Official Kits' showcases the latest from giants like Welsh Rugby Union and Italia Rugby. With Macron, you're not just wearing rugby—you're living it!