Rugby Jackets and Coats

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  1. Aulos polo

    Aulos polo

    As low as £31.50
  2. Fern bermuda

    Fern bermuda

    As low as £30.00
  3. Boost Eco t-shirt

    Boost Eco t-shirt

    As low as £13.56
  4. Cotton t-shirt Nevel

    Cotton t-shirt Nevel

    As low as £23.55
  5. Waltz polo

    Waltz polo

    As low as £35.80
  6. Comedy polo

    Comedy polo

    As low as £37.45
  7. Rap polo

    Rap polo

    As low as £30.85
  8. Bass sweatshirt

    Bass sweatshirt

    As low as £80.30
  9. Stage full zip sweatshirt

    Stage full zip sweatshirt

    As low as £88.60
  10. Theater sweatshirt

    Theater sweatshirt

    As low as £82.35
  11. Success sweatshirt

    Success sweatshirt

    As low as £76.80
  12. Record full zip sweatshirt

    Record full zip sweatshirt

    As low as £70.70

62 Items for you


Comfortable Rugby Jackets and Coats

Ready to rock the rugby vibe off the pitch? Macron’s Rugby Free Time collection is the perfect blend of style and comfort for those relaxed days. Whether you're reminiscing about the last big match or gearing up for the next, our rugby leisurewear is your go-to. Fancy a casual day out? Slip into a rugby polo or rugby shirt, pair it with some shorts, and you’re set. And for those surprise chilly evenings, our snug rugby hoodie will keep you warm.

Thinking of a cohesive look for your team’s downtime? Browse through our collection of casual rugby clothing. Customize any rugby kit in a snap: choose a model, select graphics and colors, then finish it off with your team's logo. With Macron, even your leisure moments shine with team spirit!