Handball Clothing and Kits

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  1. Dienst referee shirt sticker Dienst referee shirt

    Dienst referee shirt

    As low as £70.90
  2. Sphinx jersey

    Sphinx jersey

    As low as £28.50
  3. Wyvern Eco jersey

    Wyvern Eco jersey

    As low as £43.90
  4. Golem jersey

    Golem jersey

    As low as £28.50
  5. Chantico 1/4 zip jersey

    Chantico 1/4 zip jersey

    As low as £37.50
  6. Izel 1/4 zip jersey

    Izel 1/4 zip jersey

    As low as £64.50
  7. Cuzco 1/4 zip jersey

    Cuzco 1/4 zip jersey

    As low as £37.50
  8. Vanir full zip top

    Vanir full zip top

    As low as £50.50
  9. Prometheus full zip top

    Prometheus full zip top

    As low as £74.50
  10. Valkyria full zip top

    Valkyria full zip top

    As low as £50.50
  11. Gadreel Eco t-shirt

    Gadreel Eco t-shirt

    As low as £27.50
  12. Aulos polo

    Aulos polo

    As low as £31.50

102 Items for you


High quality handball clothing, kits, and accessories

Handball, an exhilarating indoor sport, demands gear that's both agile and comfortable. With Macron's handball kits, you get just that—stretchy, breathable handball clothing tailored for those swift pivots and leaps. These handball kits are more than just a pair of a handball shirt and handball shorts or pants—they represent a commitment to absolute freedom on the court. And each piece, from jackets to sweatshirts, integrates seamlessly into the collection, ensuring players have everything they need to complete their handball uniform.


But Macron doesn't stop at clothing. Our hand-sewn Doom ball, a must-have in handball accessories, boasts of great wear resistance and excellent grip. And goalkeepers, worry not. Macron’s specialized goalkeeper equipment ensures you're always ready for that crucial save.


For handball managers and handball coaches, outfitting your team has never been easier. Craft handball kits that resonate with your team's spirit and colors. Know more about our customization options from Macron Teamwear and discover what makes our handball kits truly unique with the My Macron Kit.