Men's Padel T-shirts

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  1. Juan men's padel shirt

    Juan men's padel shirt

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  2. Emperor men's padel polo

    Emperor men's padel polo

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  3. Pablo men's padel shirt

    Pablo men's padel shirt

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3 Items for you

Men's Padel T-shirts

Players looking for the perfect padel t-shirt for their next match already know that breathability and comfort should be top priorities. As padel is an outdoor sport, players could be exposed to high temperatures for long periods during a match. That's why Macron designed every padel t-shirt in the collection to be lightweight and breathable—even featuring side vents to allow for air circulation—to keep the player cool even during a tough game. But that is not to say that only padel t-shirts are designed with this goal. T-shirts from other Macron collections are also extremely breathable and lightweight and suitable for padel players.

Juan men's padel shirt is very light and breathable as it is made with Zephiro fabric, and so is Pablo men's padel shirt. Zephiro features microfilament weaving that makes for this characteristic plus superior stretch quality. Both padel t-shirts are designed with side vents for maximum air circulation during play. The seamless Max men's running t-shirt, meanwhile, is made with the innovative Dryarn fabric. The special yarn fibers used in this t-shirt are moisture-wicking, allowing perspiration from the body to evaporate quickly.

Now, the best padel t-shirt must be paired with the best padel shorts, doesn't it? For maximum comfort, padel shorts from Macron are manufactured using lightweight micro-stretch fabric designed to keep the skin cool even during strenuous activity. To complete the set, Macron also has a range of performance underwearjackets, and other padel accessories for players.