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Use My Macron Kit

Customise your favourite t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. You can bring your ideas to life and create your own kit for all kind of sports or your free time. Model, colours, names, logos and numbers are totally up to you. You can be a designer too!

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Touch and feel

In our stores you can see samples and appreciate the range and quality of the Macron products. Macron Sports Hub are strategically located outside city centres, with easy access and plenty of parking spaces, mainly in or near retail parks and/or sports areas.

Grimsby Town FC Grimsby Town FC

Grimsby Town FC

When football can still make us dream

Grimsby Town FC were a revelation in the 2023 edition of the FA Cup, being able to eliminate five teams, one after the other, all from higher categories than their own.

Queen of the South FC Queen of the South FC

Queen of the South FC

A special kit with a message of support and inclusion

For the 2022/23 season, the club, which plays in League One (the third tier of Scottish football), is using its third match kit to combat rising rates of depression and suicide among the most numerous demographic of its fan base, that of men under the age of 45.

Giallo Dozza Giallo Dozza

Giallo Dozza

10 years of commitment on the field and in life

The Giallo Dozza project was set up in Dozza prison in the province of Bologna to encourage young inmates to play rugby, get back in shape and acquire a positive attitude to teamwork and society.


Bespoke service and high quality products

Macron provides a bespoke service: the design team produces original and unique items in order to create something special for all its stakeholders: supporters, professional clubs, amateur clubs, individual sportspeople.

Italian style and attention to detail

Born and based in Italy, fashion and style are intrinsic characteristics of the Macron brand. Shirt designs are influenced by style and fashion expectations of fans and players. No detail is overlooked. Whether it be design, manufacturing, delivery, Macron ensures every detail is perfect.

A green attitude

Macron carries out a series of innovative initiatives and best practices aimed at supporting environmental sustainability: long-lasting garments, eco fabrics, eco packaging, a new home with low environmental impact reflect the company’s commitment to increase its ecological footprint.

Work hard

Macron strongly believes in the values of hard work and constant improvement. Macron entered the sports world as a small player, but a strong one. Our will power is our strength. Work Hard. Play Harder.

An ethical productive process

Macron is committed to conducting its business in compliance with internationally recognized fundamental rights of workers and ensures the respect of the “Code of Ethics” along the entire productive process.

Supply chain

Macron is fully responsible for all the activities linked to its brand: from the production of fabrics to the final sale. For this reason, the whole Macron chain is continuously subject to numerous controls to ensure full compliance with stringent standards of quality, social and environmental factors that are part of the company’s DNA.

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