Basketball Jackets

27 Items for you

  1. Coldmire gilet

    Coldmire gilet

    As low as £75.50
  2. Northland jacket

    Northland jacket

    As low as £172.90
  3. Alps waterproof rain jacket

    Alps waterproof rain jacket

    As low as £115.20
  4. Arctic jacket

    Arctic jacket

    As low as £99.60
  5. Elbrus rain jacket

    Elbrus rain jacket

    As low as £42.40
  6. Andes bomber

    Andes bomber

    As low as £67.60
  7. Women Fit Hooded women's padded jacket Makalu

    Hooded women's padded jacket Makalu

    As low as £86.65
  8. Hooded soft-shell jacket Himalaya

    Hooded soft-shell jacket Himalaya

    As low as £93.00
  9. Atlantic hero windbreaker

    Atlantic hero windbreaker

    As low as £18.00
  10. Lyngen windbreaker

    Lyngen windbreaker

    As low as £54.00
  11. Praia hero windbreaker

    Praia hero windbreaker

    As low as £34.35
  12. Lahti jacket

    Lahti jacket

    As low as £72.50

27 Items for you



Step up your game with our basketball jackets and embrace the winning style. In this collection, you will find stylish basketball jackets designed to elevate your game on and off the court. Whether you're hitting the court, heading to the gym, or simply looking for a stylish outerwear option, our basketball jackets are the perfect choice.


Protect yourself against the wind, cold, and rain with a windbreaker made of Chamtex fabric (100% polyester) that features a special waterproofing technology. If you need a longer coat for especially cold days, a fleece-lined waterproof bench coat that is lightweight and comfortable may be your best find. From the trendy basketball bomber jacket to the classic basketball jacket, we offer a range of options to suit your style. Our men's basketball jackets are crafted with precision, combining comfort and durability, just like our jackets specially designed for women.

For the best jackets for your pre-game warm-up sessions, check out our Basketball Training Tracksuits collection.