Rugby Jackets

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  1. Calgary windbreaker

    Calgary windbreaker

    As low as €50.80
  2. Tully windbreaker

    Tully windbreaker

    As low as €69.30
  3. Emerald training top

    Emerald training top

    As low as €74.90
  4. Suva jacket

    Suva jacket

    As low as €98.60
  5. Luzern windbreaker

    Luzern windbreaker

    As low as €67.60
  6. Vancouver jacket

    Vancouver jacket

    As low as €95.70
  7. Surat jacket

    Surat jacket

    As low as €123.50

31 Items for you


Rugby Jackets

During cold and damp training days, the proper rugby jacket will keep you warm while still allowing for freedom of movement as you warm up on the pitch. Rugby sub coats are great for staying warm on the subs bench, while rugby long coats are perfect for managers and coaches during practice games or training sessions. When it starts to rain or gets windy, a waterproof training top or a rugby windbreaker becomes a must.

Not sure which rugby jacket to pick? Shop based on your needs. For example, an ultralight quilted bomber jacket makes for a handy protection against unexpected weather changes. A waterproof rugby windbreaker is perfect when only light showers are expected. And a rugby long coat that is also waterproof provides protection against the cold and a downpour.