Football Match Day

48 Items for you

  1. Wyvern Eco jersey

    Wyvern Eco jersey

    As low as €47.50
  2. Golem jersey

    Golem jersey

    As low as €30.90
  3. Propus Eco jersey

    Propus Eco jersey

    As low as €40.90
  4. Sphinx jersey

    Sphinx jersey

    As low as €30.90
  5. Shen Eco shorts

    Shen Eco shorts

    As low as €25.50
  6. Skara shorts sticker Skara shorts

    Skara shorts

    As low as €20.20
  7. Themis jersey sticker Themis jersey

    Themis jersey

    As low as €46.70
  8. Charon jersey sticker Charon jersey

    Charon jersey

    As low as €40.10
  9. Halley jersey

    Halley jersey

    As low as €30.90
  10. Shedir jersey

    Shedir jersey

    As low as €30.50
  11. Women Fit Ariel jersey

    Ariel jersey

    As low as €18.70
  12. Women Fit Zinc jersey

    Zinc jersey

    As low as €30.40

48 Items for you


Football Match Day

Football kits for teams are something Macron has already thought about so teams can keep the focus on the game instead of what to wear. Jerseys and other items in the Match Day lineup come with recommendations on what to wear them with—which shorts, socks, etc. With a wide variety of colors, styles, and customizable options to choose from, every team is sure to find the complete football strip perfect for them.

Jerseys from this collection are made from Softlock—soft, lightweight, and extremely tear-resistant polyester fabric that is guaranteed to dry super fast. Softlock is a technical fabric specially created for match kits. Football team kits featured in the Match Day collection are designed with breathability and lightweight comfort in mind. Mesh inserts on the undersleeve, back, and collar, depending on the model of the jersey, make for optimal ventilation.

Create the ideal uniform for your team through the My Macron Kit App. Find everything you need for your team’s football kits from the Macron football catalogue—jerseys, shorts, socks, technical underwear, and accessories. And then, freely customize your team’s football strip in three easy steps: choose a model, choose graphics and colors, add a logo. Macron also offers dedicated online shops for football clubs.