Padel Accessories

13 Items for you

  1. Crator padel headband

    Crator padel headband

    As low as €15.00
  2. Immunes padel wristband

    Immunes padel wristband

    As low as €15.00
  3. 2 Pieces Levant padel wristband

    Levant padel wristband

    As low as €15.00
  4. Smooth overgrip

    Smooth overgrip

    As low as €120.00
  5. Perforated overgrip

    Perforated overgrip

    As low as €120.00
  6. Lorica padel bag

    Lorica padel bag

    As low as €75.00
  7. Pharetra padel bag

    Pharetra padel bag

    As low as €149.00
  8. Diaz padel bag

    Diaz padel bag

    As low as €85.00
  9. Anti-tear reinforced heel socks exert

    Anti-tear reinforced heel socks exert

    As low as €13.20
  10. Ergonomic invisible socks strive

    Ergonomic invisible socks strive

    As low as €12.00
  11. Enhance socks

    Enhance socks

    As low as €15.50

13 Items for you


Padel Accessories

Every padel player needs a padel racket, of course! But they also need the right padel gear to go with it. High quality padel clothing from Macron is complemented by padel accessories that make playing even more enjoyable. Comfortable socks that offer support are a must-have while wristbands for padel playing are nice to have for wiping off sweat from the face and eyes.

Macron Padel Accessories are not gender-specific. The Levant padel wristbandDiaz padel bag, and high-performance socks from the Padel collection can be used by both men and women. And every season, more items are added to cater to the needs of athletes.

Macron has a wide range of accessories for different sports and purposes. Padel athletes may also be interested in accessories offered in the Run&Train, Freetime and Team Sports collections. Towels, shoes, gym bags, neckwarmers, beanie hats, caps, and gloves are some of the basic accessories athletes should have.