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Padel Rackets

Unlike that of tennis or badminton, a padel court has walls. Similar to squash, padel is played in an enclosed court where the ball can bounce off the walls. But one main thing that differentiates the padel from these other racket sports is the padel racket itself. A padel racket does not have strings. Instead, padel uses a form of padel bat with a short handle, like a padel tennis raquet.

Macron has a range of padel rackets that will suit every player no matter where they are in their padel journey. Beginner players will find the Bononia padel racket easy to handle. Intermediate players looking to combine power with control will not be disappointed with the Spartacus racket. And pro players will get a powerful, precise, and highly responsive racket from the Scorpio hybrid racket. Macron padel rackets/padel bats are all made with 100% carbon fiber with EVA core.

When putting together your padel gear, make sure you choose the padel racket that will deliver the performance that you need. Remember that a racket with round shape will give you more control while a padel racket with a teardrop shape will offer a balance of power and control, making it more versatile.

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