Running Socks

9 Items for you

  1. Interval running socks

    Interval running socks

    As low as €23.60
  2. Offroad running socks

    Offroad running socks

    As low as €14.00
  3. Endurance running socks

    Endurance running socks

    As low as €30.50
  4. Run-sk-02 running socks

    Run-sk-02 running socks

    As low as €13.90
  5. Fixed socks

    Fixed socks

    As low as €7.90
  6. Ergonomic invisible socks strive

    Ergonomic invisible socks strive

    As low as €11.80
  7. Anti-tear reinforced heel socks exert

    Anti-tear reinforced heel socks exert

    As low as €13.00
  8. Anti-tear reinforced heel socks improve

    Anti-tear reinforced heel socks improve

    As low as €14.00
  9. Enhance socks

    Enhance socks

    As low as €15.20

9 Items for you

Running Socks

The Running Socks collection from Macron are specially designed to provide the support and protection your feet need while running—in every situation. Long socks offer extra warmth for cold weather running. They are also a good choice if you’re into trail running as they provide additional protection from splashes and scratches. Shorter or invisible socks are best for summer runs as they keep your legs cool. If you run longer distances, consider wearing compression socks as they can help reduce muscle soreness in your legs. The Interval running compression socks are mid-calf socks with arch support designed to protect your feet even on the most arduous runs. They feature proprioceptive compression, anti-twist support bands, and Achilles tendon shock absorber.

You can also find great gym socks options from this line. Socks made of polyester are sweat-wicking, breathable, and tear-resistant—perfect for intensive training at the gym. The ergonomic invisible socks Strive and anti-tear reinforced heel socks Exert are suitable for fitness and gym activities. They feature anti-tear reinforced heel and toe and ergofit cuff to give your feet the support they need.