Macron Athleisure And Run&Train Spring Summer 2023

Macron Athleisure And Run&Train Spring Summer 2023

Innovative details, technicality, coordinated garments and new colour shades

The new Macron Athleisure and Run&Train Spring Summer 2023 collections highlight once again what the distinctive values of Macron products are: attention to detail, research into increasingly innovative and sophisticated materials, care and study of design, elegance, practicality and comfort in the wake of the Italian fashion traditions. For those who play sports, the quality and value of a product are essential and make a difference in the moment of choice. The success of Macron Athleisure and Run&Train's garments stem from the attention paid to the needs of those who make their passion a lifestyle.

Macron Athleisure Spring Summer 2023

The new line, Macron Athleisure Spring Summer 2023, demonstrates the research of the materials' technicalities combined with a modern look, which is rich with practical features, such as the silicone zip puller and the Macron Hero label present on each item of the collection. Speaking of technicality, the experience gained within the running sector has been transferred into the new windproof and waterproof jackets (Corfu in the men's line, Mallorca for women), and characterized by the new lemon yellow colours for men's clothing and barberry red (burgundy red) for the female ones. Another new element is the addition of dazzle graphics, which are composed of irregular abstract shapes to create an optical effect. Also interesting, is the proposal for Korean polo shirts for men that, similar to the classic design, combine the novelty of a stretch piquet cotton that makes the jersey softer and more modern. Returning to the collection, the light scuba fabric for summer jackets is characterised by a jacquard graphic on the shoulders and the upper back.  The renewed Acapulco basketball shorts possess dazzle graphics in black, light grey and white. In the women’s collection, dazzle graphics characterise the comfortable leggings in white/black, black/barberry red and black/light grey.

Macron Run&Train Spring Summer 2023

A wide range of colours, ranging from lemon yellow to sky blue, from coral to seawater blue, from spring green to melange grey, characterise the products of the new Macron Run&Train Spring Summer 2023 collection. Among the new products in the male and female lines are t-shirts made from a soft jacquard fabric with mesh inserts, which makes the garments light and comfortable. They have confirmed the highly sought-after reflex windproof jacket and the comfortable vest, both available in new colours. In the men's line, the black version of the 'Ozzie shorts' with dazzle graphics or grey melange reveals a collection and a perfect adaptability to any sports. In the women's collection, many items (t-shirts, tank tops and sports bras) match in colour and design. Finally, for the women, the new three-quarter "Cheryl" pants come in two versions, one more 'dynamic', with black and white with dazzle graphics, and the other more 'classic', in a grey melange.

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