The Comoros unveils new jerseys ahead of historic African Cup of Nations debut

The Comoros unveils new jerseys ahead of historic African Cup of Nations debut

Adorned with national colours and symbols, the new jerseys of the Comoros national team reflect the values, identity and traditions of the archipelago. In green, white and blue, these shirts will accompany the "Coelacanthes" in January for their first and historic participation in the final phase of the African Cup of Nations.

Macron has produced a full range of kits (Home, Away and Third) for the Comoros to wear throughout their history-making African Cup of Nations journey, with the tournament scheduled to take place in Cameroon in January 2022. The Comoros have been drawn in Group C alongside Gabon, Ghana and Morocco.

The main characteristics of these new jerseys are the flag's colours, the golden collar symbolising Comorian marriage and traditional clothing, the "Chiromani" motifs to represent Comorian women and family, as well as the moon and stars in representation of their flag and religion. Finally, for the first time, the inscription "Wassi Wa Komori Damu Ndzima" will be present on the jersey to remind of the unity around this national team.

The brand-new Home jersey features a V-neck collar with gold trim at the front. The torso is in green, with the shoulders and sleeves in a darker shade of the same colour. The sleeve trims feature the remaining colours of the Comoros national flag: yellow, white, red and blue. The colours of the flag are also used for the back of the neck and the lower left section of the front of the jersey, where a tone-on-tone graphic depicts the flag’s half moon and four stars. The sides of the shirt feature a graphic inspired by Chiromani, the traditional Comorian fabric which is an integral part of the country’s national identity.

The Macron Hero is embroidered on the right side of the chest in white, while the Comorian Football Association logo sits on the left. The words “Wassi Wa Komori Damu Ndzima” – part of the Comorian national anthem – are printed inside the collar. Green shorts complement the shirts, featuring a white drawstring and lower trim with four stripes in the colours of the Comorian flag. These colours are also used for the trim at the top of the socks, in dark green.

Meanwhile, the Away jersey is white in colour, with a V-neck collar featuring trim in dark green and gold. The jersey reflects the design and features of the Home kit, with the sides, shoulders and sleeves all adorned with the Chiromani-inspired graphic. The colours of the national flag are present on the sleeve trim and at the bottom of the jerseys. As with the Home shirts, the phrase taken from the national anthem is printed inside the collar in green, while the flag’s half-moon and four stars design is included as a tone-on-tone graphic on the front.

Last but not least, the Third shirt is navy blue with gold detailing (V-neck collar trim, printed wording inside the collar, upper sock trim). A lighter shade of blue is used for the shoulders and sleeves, and the Chiromani design is present only on the sides of the shirt in this case. There is a continuation of the navy-blue theme for the shorts and socks, both of which are finished off with detailing in the colours of the Comoros national flag.