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Macron 4 The Planet is the project that sums up the company’s commitment to greater environmental sustainability. This "green” choice translates into a series of activities and best practices that involve all areas of the company, from production through to distribution.


Plastic saved


CO2 saved


We guarantee the highest standards of cotton quality and worker protection.


We offer products made of fabric from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.


We are committed to giving new life to textiles waste, regenerating them as new products.


We implement policies to recycle and reuse paper and plastic for packaging.


We invest in the production of items with a long life cycle, in order to reduce waste.


Our headquarters is built according to the highest standards of environmental and energy sustainability.


We joined the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world: together with farmers, we tackle the negative impacts of traditional cotton production, supporting production and procurement that reflect Better Cotton principles and criteria. Production embraces all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Better Cotton and its members support farmers who implement more sustainable production practices. Efficient and sustainable use of water and care for the health of the soil. Conservation of natural habitats and protection of natural fibre quality. Promotion of decent working conditions.




All the ECO fabrics used in our clothing are produced with 100% PET recycled polyester and are certified by Global Recycled Standard.

This represents a tangible commitment to eco-sustainable production, which translates into a twofold advantage for the environment: producing this fabric requires less water and less energy, and above all it gives a second life to waste PET materials which would otherwise be thrown away. For every Eco-Fabric shirt produced, around 13 half-litre plastic bottles are recycled.

After its initial use, the waste PET material is collected, milled into 2 mm chips and subsequently processed to obtain a yarn that guarantees the same performance as virgin polyester thread. This way, polyester can be recycled multiple times without losing its original characteristics.


From textile waste to high performance sports socks, already used by our top professional clubs: in collaboration with RadiciGroup, the leading global manufacturer of polymers, high performance technopolymers and advanced textile solutions, we have produced Renycle® socks, made entirely from recycled polyamide.

The yarn is obtained from recycled nylon 6, a highly prized material with excellent characteristics of strength, dyeability, softness and versatility. Through recovery and recycling, textile waste is converted into polymers and subsequently into yarns that maintain technical characteristics comparable to those from fossil fuel sources, but with significantly better environmental performance.

This new range of yarns, which is Global Recycled Standard certified, reduces CO2 emissions by almost 90% and saves over 87% of energy and 90% of water. A virtuous cycle for an eco-friendly and sustainable product.




Naturally, our commitment to environmental sustainability also extends to the choice of packaging materials used for our products, starting from fully recycled and recyclable plastic bags.

The poly bags in which products come, available in three sizes, are actually made of 100% recycled low density polyethylene which is Global Recycled Standard certified and the grip seal closure ensures they are reusable after opening.

We have also drastically reduced the amount of paper and cardboard in our packaging, using, where absolutely essential, only FSC mixed material, containing at least 70% of material from forests managed responsibly and sustainably in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council standards.

A tangible commitment with real results that can be summed up in the following figures:

  • 82% reduction in plastic waste
  • 37,500 Kg less paper used
  • 30,000 Kg reduction in CO2 emissions


Minimising waste means focusing not only on production, but also on the distribution and after-sales service too. The main objective is always to offer high quality products that can stand the test of time both in terms of design and colour.

Ours are also semi-finished products, which are finished and customised only in the final phase of the sales process. This allows us to manage a wide range of neutral products in our warehouse, and to meet specific needs without having to go back to the production process and without forcing customers to stockpile materials that often end up not being used.

These anti-waste policies go hand-in-hand with services like our Online Club Shop, which allows clubs, members and club supporters to order as many customised products as they want, whenever they want, thus incentivising them to buy only what they really need. A choice that demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and the reduction of waste.