Basketball clothing and accessories

214 Items for you

  1. NEW 09

    Elm shorts

    As low as USD 34.50
  2. NEW 09

    Lotus compression shorts

    As low as USD 49.99
  3. NEW 10

    Oak undershorts

    As low as USD 35.90
  4. COMING SOON! 03

    Alps waterproof rain jacket

    As low as USD 175.50
  5. COMING SOON! 09

    Arctic jacket

    As low as USD 151.50
  6. NEW 05

    Skill socks

    As low as USD 10.34
  7. NEW 09

    Lutz baseball cap

    As low as USD 31.57
  8. NEW 09

    Windfall backpack

    As low as USD 86.50
  9. NEW 14

    Rocket large bag

    As low as USD 65.50
  10. NEW 09

    Rocket medium bag

    As low as USD 62.90
  11. 01

    Sceptrum jersey

    As low as USD 54.25
  12. 01

    Skara shorts

    As low as USD 28.50

214 Items for you


Basketball clothing and accessories

Feel like an MVP with Macron’s Basketball collection. Here you will find everything from basketball jerseys to basketball shorts and shirts, to socks and backpacks and towels. There are basketball outfits and gear for coaches and team managers, too.

With designs for men and women, Macron basketball gear—including shirts, shorts, jerseys, jackets, and accessories—come in several colors and sizes to match the needs of the players wearing them. Comfort and style are combined with technical features and fabrics to create basketball equipment that will allow players optimum performance on the court when used. The Freon Jersey, for example, is designed for men and made of ZEROTEX and features two-color knitted sleeves and collar. The Potassium Jersey, on the other hand, comes in women’s fit, is designed with clean and feminine lines, and made of SMOOTEX for maximum lightness and breathability.

Whether it’s throwing an alley-oop to a teammate, a slam dunk or pulling off a fast break - strategies that require players to really work together come easier when team spirits are high. And Macron is all for upholding team spirit, that’s why are supporting Virtus Segafredo BolognaMHP Riesen LudwigsburgPallacanestro Varese. If you are putting together basketball kits for your team, learn about customization options for basketball clothing and accessories.