Women's Athleisure Clothing

13 Produkte für dich

  1. Takeoff rucksack

    Takeoff rucksack

    As low as 79,00 CHF
  2. Favignana Damen-Sportshirt

    Favignana Damen-Sportshirt

    As low as 51,00 CHF
  3. Orosei Damen-Sweatshirt mit Reißverschluss

    Orosei Damen-Sweatshirt mit Reißverschluss

    As low as 156,00 CHF
  4. Cervia Damen-Kapuzensweatshirt

    Cervia Damen-Kapuzensweatshirt

    As low as 128,00 CHF
  5. Alghero Damenshorts

    Alghero Damenshorts

    As low as 56,00 CHF
  6. Ponza Damen-Leggins

    Ponza Damen-Leggins

    As low as 93,00 CHF
  7. Elba Damen-Trainingshose

    Elba Damen-Trainingshose

    As low as 108,00 CHF
  8. Unisex Samos Sportshirt

    Samos Sportshirt

    As low as 51,00 CHF
  9. Unisex Chania Kapuzensweatshirt

    Chania Kapuzensweatshirt

    As low as 122,00 CHF
  10. Folgaria Parka-Damenjacke

    Folgaria Parka-Damenjacke

    As low as 286,00 CHF
  11. Soria Parka-Damenjacke

    Soria Parka-Damenjacke

    As low as 322,00 CHF
  12. Adventure Sporttasche

    Adventure Sporttasche

    As low as 72,00 CHF

13 Produkte für dich


Women's Athleisure Clothing

Athleisure for women is a much welcomed crossover between comfort and style. Long gone are the days when leggings, joggers, and sweatshirts were only for the gym or home. Casually meeting up with friends or working at a nearby cafe? Go put on your comfiest hoody and sports trousers and head out to the world. With women’s athleisure outfits from this collection, fashionable comfort will be your default. You’re welcome!