My Macron Kit


Embellish your team kit in a few steps

Download the APP from mobile devices, select the desired discipline and wait a few seconds for it to load.

Using My Macron Kit is easy, just follow these steps:

Select the sport and choose your favourite graphics. You can also create customised sections.

You can customise the colours and the style of your kit, including sleeves and neck. It is possible to repeat the process for the shorts.

Add sponsor logos and numbers. You can also save the project and share it with your friends via email or whatsapp.

Bring your ideas to life!


Create your customised kit starting from scratch, using augmented reality to visualise your creation. It is also possible to create a brochure in PDF and to download it.


Start with the templates offered in the Macron Catalog in order to customise your kit. Match shirts, shorts and socks to make your team unique!

Download My Macron Kit with just a click!