The style and elegance of Bologna’s fourth shirt

The style and elegance of Bologna’s fourth shirt

Bologna FC 1909 has chosen the break in the championship to present a fourth match shirt designed by Macron in collaboration with Elisabetta Franchi, the Bologna-born stylist and owner of the fashion house which bears her name, one of the most successful on the Italian and international market today.

Style, design, advanced Eco-Fabric materials, attention to detail and an elegant pink – the colour of the Elisabetta Franchi brand – come together in this new fourth shirt, which Bologna will wear exclusively for the match against Atalanta on Monday 9 January – the first home game of 2023. The pink shirts worn on the field for this game will then be auctioned on the platform and proceeds donated to the Elisabetta Franchi Charity Foundation which defends and promotes the rights of animals.

The technical characteristics (fabrics, fit, design, production techniques) are the same as those of the Home and Away 22-23 versions, but the fourth shirt is made unique by special features like an all-pink colour scheme. The only part not in pink is the two-button polo neck with knitted placket. The inside label is personalised and dedicated to the collaboration with Elisabetta Franchi, whose logo appears alongside the Macron Hero, in red on a blue background. Both are reproduced in a silicone material. The two logos also appear one beneath the other on the right of the chest. The Bologna club badge appears on the left. The club’s motto, “WE ARE ONE”, is reproduced in blue on the back of the neck. The shirt is complemented by blue shorts with a red and blue band at the leg bottoms and by blue socks with red stripes.

The shirt is made from Eco-Fabric, and more specifically from EcoSirenaLight, a material entirely derived from 100% recycled PET. This choice of material confirms the club’s and technical sponsor’s commitment to the environment and the cause of sustainability. A panel of Eco micromesh on the back makes the shirt even lighter and more breathable.

Fashion and sport have once again proved themselves to be complementary. This creative collaboration between two prestigious brands like Macron and Elisabetta Franchi has certainly produced a technical garment of innovative style with a high fashion content.

As with all Red and Blue teamwear and merchandise, the fourth shirt is on sale from the and online stores, from the Official Store of Bologna FC 1909, and from Macron Sports Hubs in the city.