The 2021 edition of the Guinness Six Nations, which is about to officially begin on February 6th, for Macron is already a success: the Italian brand is in fact the technical sponsor of three of the six teams involved in what is the most important 15s rugby international tournament in the Old World. Macron will “dress” Italy, Scotland and Wales.

The longest among these relationships is the one that binds Macron to the Scottish Rugby Union. The collaboration began in July 2013. The following year marked the debut of Macron on the fields of what was then known as RBS Six Nations. Overtime, the relationship with the “cardoon” national team has grown stronger, thus laying the ground for the creation of ever more researched, hypertechnical and embellished collections, while always reserving a spot for details symbolic of Scottish history and traditions.

In July 2017, Macron and the Italian Rugby Federation announced a record length sponsorship agreement: a 8 year partnership to last through 2025. The National team, highest expression of Italian rugby, chose an Italian brand. Since then, Macron created game kits and lines of technical gears and merchandising that celebrated the Italian blue on all the 6 Nations fields and all the Italrugby international matches.
In the summer of 2020, the Welsh Rugby Union entered the Macron family. Their National team boasts the highest number of victories in the Six Nations tournament: 39 -- a record that the team shares only with England. For Macron, collaborating with a federation that represents world rugby is an investment of paramount importance. And Macron will proudly appear on their shirts for the next seven years.

Macron’s commitment towards these three federations, all excellences in the world of rugby, is not limited to collaboration with their National teams. It, in fact, extends to technical support for the female and youth divisions, for the affiliated teams and, as in the case of the Welsh Rugby Union, it includes providing game kits to the 300 Welsh community teams. Macron committed to an all-around, 365-day strict relationship of cooperation and support. These are the qualities that have guaranteed the brand a position of leadership in the International world of rugby.

“2021 represents for us a very special year: Macron is turning 50 -- 50 years of activity. And amongst the gifts that we are giving ourselves there is the great achievement of having become the brand with the largest presence in the prestigious Guinness Six Nations”--- declared Gianluca Pavanello, Macron CEO. “Offering technical support to three great federations such as Italy, Scotland and Wales is a source of great pride and satisfaction. To all of them, we wish the best results. Being here with these results today means having done a great work, a work that is the fruit of competence, professionalism, and passion shared by everyone in our company. The world of rugby occupies a special spot in our heart and the trust that the federations have placed on us are the best encouragement to continue to develop and create high-quality and ever higher performing products. This tournament represents the history of rugby and we are honoured to be part of this history.”