References to city and club history and the spirit of “rossoverdi” fans in the new Ternana Calcio kit

References to city and club history and the spirit  of “rossoverdi” fans in the new Ternana Calcio kit

Ternana Calcio and Macron, technical partner to the “Rossoverdi”, have revealed the new match kit that the “Fere” (Beasts) will wear next season next in Serie B. The club’s traditional colours and symbols are complemented by the innovative styling and refined design typical of Macron technical sportswear. The graphics and styling of the new Ternana shirts pay homage to the history of the Umbrian city, the players who helped make the club famous and the fans who support it.

The new crew-neck “Home” shirt features the club’s traditional red and green vertical stripes and dye-sub printed geometric shapes representing parts of the famous Terni press, an important monument from the city’s past. Another significant feature of the new shirt is that the names of the players who first won promotion to Serie A on the 18th June 1972 , exactly 50 years ago, are dye-sub printed inside the red stripes. The backneck is customised with the club’s colours and badge, and with the motto “PIV DVRI DELL’ACCIAIO”. On the back of the neck are the words “HIC SUNT FERAE”, printed in yellow. The Macron Hero logo is embroidered in yellow on the right, the logo of Associazione Ternicolcuore and the two dates 1972 – 2022 appear in the centre, and the Ternana club badge takes its place over the heart. Under this is a dye-sub-print representing the Wyvern, the mythical winged reptile that symbolises the team. The shorts are in black with red and green details. The socks that complete the “Home” kit are also in black, with a red and green horizontal band.

The “Away” shirt is white with a V neck and red and green details. Dye-sub printed red and green stripes run diagonally from the shoulders to the chest. A discontinuous Macron Hero logo appears inside these on the right while the Ternana badge is positioned over the heart. The Ternicolcuore logo and the dates 1972 - 2022 are reproduced in the centre. The Wyvern motif is printed tone on tone on both sleeves. The details on the backneck and back of the neck are identical to those of the “Home” shirt. The shorts are in white with red and green details on the hems while the socks are white with two red and green stripes at the top.

The “Third game” shirt is in "total black” and pays homage to the Rossoverdi fans, especially those of the north and east banks of the Ternana end. The centre of the shirt features a dye-sub print with an optical effect that simulates movement, representing the well-known banners of these two well-organised groups of fans who support the team from the terraces of the “Liberati”. A yellow Macron Hero decorates the breast along with the Ternicolcuore logo and the Ternana club badge. The words “HIC SUNT FERAE”, in yellow, decorate the back of the neck. The shorts and socks are in black with red and green details.