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    Sheila Damen-Running-Shirt

    As low as 36,40 CHF -30% Regular Price 52,00 CHF
  2. Damen-Running-Shirt bridget

    Damen-Running-Shirt bridget

    As low as 52,50 CHF -30% Regular Price 75,00 CHF
  3. Damen-Running-Tank-Top Zebradruck adele

    Damen-Running-Tank-Top Zebradruck adele

    As low as 36,50 CHF -50% Regular Price 73,00 CHF
  4. Damen-Running-Tank-Top Zebradruck judy

    Damen-Running-Tank-Top Zebradruck judy

    As low as 22,00 CHF -50% Regular Price 44,00 CHF
  5. Damen-Running-Shorts taylor

    Damen-Running-Shorts taylor

    As low as 29,00 CHF -50% Regular Price 58,00 CHF
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    Lois Damen-Running-Shirt

    As low as 46,90 CHF -30% Regular Price 67,00 CHF
  7. Damen-Running-Windjacke trudy

    Damen-Running-Windjacke trudy

    As low as 63,00 CHF -30% Regular Price 90,00 CHF
  8. Running-t-shirt für damen capsule animalier

    Running-t-shirt für damen capsule animalier

    As low as 42,00 CHF -50% Regular Price 84,00 CHF
  9. Running-mikro-shorts für damen capsule animalier

    Running-mikro-shorts für damen capsule animalier

    As low as 26,00 CHF -50% Regular Price 52,00 CHF

9 Produkte für dich


Be inspired by Macron's new animal print capsule collection. Filled with original and striking colours and prints, the collection is designed to combine versatility and comfort with a touch of style. Zebra and leopard print motifs on a colourful base give the garments an edgy look without renouncing practicality and comfortable style.

Show your wild side!